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AJ Oster, a metals service center that owns the Alumet® aluminum and Compbond aluminum composite brands, announces the donation of various metal products to Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. The donation to Harvard was a collaboration with Yorston & Associates, a manufacturer’s rep of AJ Oster products and services.

Products donated to the Harvard School of Design include stainless steel sheet, Alumet® pre-painted and pre-anodized aluminum sheet, and Compond aluminum composite material (ACM). The donation provides graduate students studying architecture at Harvard with metal materials to use during fabrication workshops.

AJ Oster believes that supporting the education of architecture students will foster innovation and advancement of the metal construction industry.

AJ Oster also supports the implementation of recyclable materials in architecture and construction. Aluminum and stainless steel are currently two of the most recyclable building materials in the world. AJ Oster encourages the architectural industry to continue to utilize metals like aluminum and stainless steel in construction.  Therefore, it is critical that architecture students have metal materials to work during graduate courses so that they learn how to fabricate, design and build with metal. This will not only advance the growth of the metals industry, but also benefit the environment.

About AJ Oster

AJ Oster is North America’s foremost metals service center specializing in sheet and coil products. AJ Oster has 11 locations across North America. AJ Oster has an extensive product selection for the architectural industry including mill finish aluminum, painted aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel and architectural copper. For more information, visit www.ajoster.com and alumetsupply.com.

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